AugstaWestland deal

AugstaWestland deal seems to be deep rooted. CBI surely have felt of being in fussy bush. One reason being that the deal is too old and the second being related to army.

But the point of concern is that it just adds a row to the list of corruption/malpractice under the head of Defence Minister A.K.Antony. And yet he is confidently & without any shame argue to be best candidate for the post. He ask for evidence to public itself for malpractice which were committed during his period. Being backed by Congress, he consider his head high. They need to be taught that as an public servant you must not smile shamelessly while your work & loyalty is being questioned.

By the way lets see to what extent CBI can dig in as the deal is too old.

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Ashraf’s visit to Ajmer Dargah

A new headache for Congress as Pak PM Raja Parvez Ashraf scheduled to visit “Ajmer Dargah”. The “Dargah” authority are divided on the view.

One side opposes the visit would be shame for the Indians. On one day our soldier is beheaded and on the next day we invite these people. We cannot be silent and accept the mixed behavior of Pakistan govt. These are diplomatic issues, but cannot be handled on the stake of human life. Pakistan has always been showing its brutality in different ways. Though “Dargah” is open for all but that doesn’t mean that the person can visit “Dargah” ,after committing a crime, to wash his hands. “Dargah” is open for those who are ready to purify themselves and not for those who just visit it for self/political motive. He might have went to the soldier’s home to express grief and would have apologized for the act.

Well, we can’t expect such attitude from the other side. But we expected some strict behavior from our Govt. It seems that we are at fault who expects our political leader to have such character.

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Modi as PM

The last stage show by BJP almost assuring Modi as their candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha election must have brought some cheer to youngster while a fear for those who consider Modi as anti-socialist. In my opinion Modi is the need of today’s India as Congress seems to ruining country with scams after scams.

There are thousands of politicians but only 4 majorly seems to have individuality. First being Modi, second Rahul Gandhi, third Arvind & fourth who is limited to his state being Akhilesh. The second “Rahul” has a “Gandhi” tag and being young is only reason why he is seen as different. But if observed, he is till today has done nothing which can designate him as leader. He is always seen hidden behind his mother’s “pallu”. Though he expresses his thought in similar to youngster but his actions doesn’t seems to be in accordance with his thoughts. He also do not have a vision nor leadership quality which is must for being a successful PM as well as an idol. Talking about “Akhilesh” who has brought pride to his father by wining his first election itself and then taking all the political burden from him. Akhilesh seems to be confined to his state only. His attitude may be praised my UP public but surely not by the rest of the country. Before he can contest for PM post, he would have to remove mark of “Gundaa Raj” marked on his party logo. Though it seems that he is trying his level best to erase out that mark but as per now he has been unsuccessful in his attempt. As scenario explains, he is not even thought of being India’s PM in near future.

Former and key part of Anna team Mr.Arvind Kejariwal has advanced himself to be an idol for people of all age range. Showing active role in fighting against corruption he has shown a good spirit. He has also went to extent of forming his own party after seeing Congress’ reluctant behavior to draw a rigid bill which will fight against corruption. But since election is near and it will be his and for his party the first election, critics are not sure of his win. Even his popularity is limited to urban people who consider voting day to be an off day and prefer to stay at home instead of standing in a long queue to vote.

Coming to the man with a vision, a responsible person for the strong development of Gujarat, Narendra Modi who is being viewed as the next PM of the country and the only person who can put India to fast developing track. He is the last hope for the young generation. He is the person who has brought Gujarat as a developed city. He has been consistently trying hard to get out of the “Godhara” riot trap which has been a blemish on his character. But his three straight win in Gujarat election and appreciable percentage of votes by Muslims community has shown sign of his advancement.

It will be interesting to see who goes on against Modi in coming election.

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Why Govt. boosts up fuel price & focusing on FDI

Economic condition is weakening. And Congress is being blamed for it. Thus to pacify critics Govt. is trying all possible ways to boost up the economy instantly. . And thus for instant boost up in economic strength, Govt. is focusing on two fields :
1. Foreign Investment
2. Fuel Price
Through the first, cash flow into the country, which boost up economic conditions.
The second one brings money into govt. hand instantly. Reason being, consumption of petrol in India is very high due to large population and use of private vehicles rather than public transport by maximum people. Thus raising tax result in flow of cash to govt.’s hand.

Thus Govt. need not work hard to screw out on small policies and examine its merits & demerits.

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Go Ahead

With the country marking new height, we young Indians must be cautious about our role in the development. It must be taken note that we go ahead along with the country. The young ones have to take responsibility in sprouting the country image as the government and our iconic leaders have failed so far.

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