Nokia with Android

Nokia recently have jumped into Android pool with Nokia X, X+, XL. With the aim of regaining the lost market to Samsung and others, Nokia seems to be confdent with the 3 Xs. Price is also comparable to others. Interesting to see whether with its X series will Nokia be able to pull back its X customer. The once Nokia fans had to switch to Samsung seeing no sign of Nokia coming up with smart enough smartphones. Nokia tried to full strength to snatch back its market from Android phones by bringing in Asha, Lumia etc but failed to reach the expectation. It dared to bring Microsoft which resulted in giving itself to the later in just $14b. Nokia’s mobile then had basic features though it too has now even when compared to Android. With lack of high speed data network, apps weren’t popular in those time. People regarded phone as a need just for calls and messages. With good durability as the extra feature, Nokia had the hold on market. But Google’s Android brought thunder in the market and blew away Nokia which had no answer to this technology. Androird proved data pack network to be more vital in terms of revenue and usefulness than voice network. Android being open source provided all possible types of app to which Nokia failed to answer back with even 10% of them. Nokia remained glued to Simbians with no reasons. Later it switched to Windows which proved again to be destructive step though less seavre than the former one. One must learn from this that a boldness in decision must be backed by productive idea. If Nokia didn’t had any counter to Android, it should not have extnded the Symbion’s contract. Secondly when something is better out in the market than yours you have to compromise with your products’ profit. Remember you have the bottle neck of the market not because you are leader. You are the leader because you have hold of bottle neck of the market. Nokia will certainly bring in the revenue along with the new customers but to what extent that depends upon the how fluently the 3 handsest works. Nokia need not bring in extra features apart from this at this cimpetitive price. Just what is required is robustness and durability of the handsets. Though these handsets wont effect Apple’s market but certainly will snatch away major part of Samsung’s market.


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