Clean Sweep of Nitish in recent Bihar by-poll election

The recent Gujarat by-poll election’s result was not a surprise to many. But talking about Bihar by-poll election tagged along some surprise with it. The clear sweep out of Nitish was not only an eye-opening result but also a lesson for humans of all-walks of life. It also clarified many misconception for many specially for Nitish & JD(U). Nitish’s arrogance led JD(U). It clarified him that just boosting about your past victory doesn’t make you winner for ever. People appreciated for his historic victory against Lallu in Bihar election, but he misinterpreted his victory as if of his own hard work. Scavenging to ground reality one would find that it was not primarily his hard-work that brought him to the CM post but rather it was Lallu’s corrupt attitude which was more responsible. People were fed of his politics & his overwhelming corruption. After claiming CM chair, he went so arrogant that sitting there, his eye started staring at PM chair such that he forget his duty of development towards Bihar. Bihar still doesn’t haven’t advanced to appreciation level. Bihar still is trapped in “gundai”. Those problems of Lallu’s time still prevails.
It is a caution for Nitish. He must not take the public for granted. He was trying to compete Modi. He forget that the Gujarat CM is not lion by name but why his work. He is idol of well educated young generation, who doesn’t get influenced just on basis of verbal comments.

Nitish must be proactive and its time for him not to try get hold of PM chair but to prevent loosing his own chair. Because he get this out of his hand, he would have nothing to stand on.

— Apurv Srivastav


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