100 million children gets free meals in India

On twitter, Mr. Manmohan boosted about its party’s achievement “100 million children gets free meals in India”. The tweet by the PM was eye raising. I have been in contact with students availing this facility. On query to these students about the “free meals”, I kept myself to silent for a long time just listening to them. It was not a eye opening incident to me as I already alleged it to be so. But they(students) didn’t know that they were lucky to having felt the facility. They didn’t know that many are unaware of the facility which is their right.

The “free meal” scheme though offered these students to have food but it was non-eatable. It had an adverse affect too. In mind of children, the culprit were team who was serving them. The students didn’t know that they were not the only one on responsible side. The management team do not themselves get the quality product to cook. Though they show parsimonious attitude, but it is the middleman who dig the major pit in availing the facility.

These schemes are not to feed poor children, but to feed the middleman who indirectly help the ruling party.

— Apurv Srivastav


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