Firstly, i would applaud to our PM for such a bold move. Seeing the immense hurdles and non-measurable risk attached to demonitization, it would have never been as easy decision to make. It requires more than just a bold courage. 

At first I didnt feel the gravity of this step. To me it seemed a win-win move for both, the countrymen and the BJP. But with the graduation of time, I realized the severity of the step and the hidden risk. PM has put all his credibiity at stake. Though the financial impact can still not be determined but it is for sure that the country is either going to face huge loss or tremdous profit out of it.

We country men would certainly hope for the best and if it happens so then it will also give a good confidence to our govt. to take such bold steps further.

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Nokia with Android

Nokia recently have jumped into Android pool with Nokia X, X+, XL. With the aim of regaining the lost market to Samsung and others, Nokia seems to be confdent with the 3 Xs. Price is also comparable to others. Interesting to see whether with its X series will Nokia be able to pull back its X customer. The once Nokia fans had to switch to Samsung seeing no sign of Nokia coming up with smart enough smartphones. Nokia tried to full strength to snatch back its market from Android phones by bringing in Asha, Lumia etc but failed to reach the expectation. It dared to bring Microsoft which resulted in giving itself to the later in just $14b. Nokia’s mobile then had basic features though it too has now even when compared to Android. With lack of high speed data network, apps weren’t popular in those time. People regarded phone as a need just for calls and messages. With good durability as the extra feature, Nokia had the hold on market. But Google’s Android brought thunder in the market and blew away Nokia which had no answer to this technology. Androird proved data pack network to be more vital in terms of revenue and usefulness than voice network. Android being open source provided all possible types of app to which Nokia failed to answer back with even 10% of them. Nokia remained glued to Simbians with no reasons. Later it switched to Windows which proved again to be destructive step though less seavre than the former one. One must learn from this that a boldness in decision must be backed by productive idea. If Nokia didn’t had any counter to Android, it should not have extnded the Symbion’s contract. Secondly when something is better out in the market than yours you have to compromise with your products’ profit. Remember you have the bottle neck of the market not because you are leader. You are the leader because you have hold of bottle neck of the market. Nokia will certainly bring in the revenue along with the new customers but to what extent that depends upon the how fluently the 3 handsest works. Nokia need not bring in extra features apart from this at this cimpetitive price. Just what is required is robustness and durability of the handsets. Though these handsets wont effect Apple’s market but certainly will snatch away major part of Samsung’s market.

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100% FDI in telecom

As expected, govt. will finally make it to 100% FDI in telecom.
Whenever rupee falls, govt. go for either of the 2 options. It either increases fuel price or provide relaxation in FDI.

Talking about 1st option(fuel price rise) : About 43% of fuel price contributes to tax. Fuel price is riced because it draws money instantly into govt.’s hand. It is then used indirectly to power up rupee against dollar.

The 2nd pillar – FDI – was very effective few months back. Relaxation in FDI rule pumped in many FIIs’ investments. Few months back it accounted to 50% of total foreign investment in India. But weak govt policy has resulted in back out by many FIIs. And thus resulting drowning of rupee. At one moment, India seemed to be the only big market left. But ineffective govt. policy & tidy work by govt turned down these FIIs.

But both the method have not helped stabilizing rupee. And they can never help. Govt. will have to look after Indian forms. This will though take time but will let rupee gain power in future. Govt have to make sure that Indian firms makes contribution. Only a small fraction of all big firms holds by Indian firms.

With foreign money pouring in, our economy would be dependent on other & would thus be unstable. All the problems arising in western part would then be routed to India if we continue to support FIIs.

– Apurv Srivastav

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Central Monitoring System for mobile & Social sites spying

The above mentioned facts are true and withstand as per the present scenario & the information. Some following major alteration can peal out few hurdles.
1. An independent agency(independent of govt.) to take up CMS working as govt has always influenced working of such bodies.
2. No direct access to IRI by govt. Rather a report(conclusion/summary type) will be given to govt.
3. To testify the working, access to Social site accounts be only permitted. This would give a glimpse of possible type of hurdles.
4. Later if things work smoothly the permission to access mobile connection can be granted.

If this initiative is just for security, especially to terrorism related, it must be under the eye of only anti-terrorist independent body. Why govt be brought in?

– Apurv Srivastav

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Clean Sweep of Nitish in recent Bihar by-poll election

The recent Gujarat by-poll election’s result was not a surprise to many. But talking about Bihar by-poll election tagged along some surprise with it. The clear sweep out of Nitish was not only an eye-opening result but also a lesson for humans of all-walks of life. It also clarified many misconception for many specially for Nitish & JD(U). Nitish’s arrogance led JD(U). It clarified him that just boosting about your past victory doesn’t make you winner for ever. People appreciated for his historic victory against Lallu in Bihar election, but he misinterpreted his victory as if of his own hard work. Scavenging to ground reality one would find that it was not primarily his hard-work that brought him to the CM post but rather it was Lallu’s corrupt attitude which was more responsible. People were fed of his politics & his overwhelming corruption. After claiming CM chair, he went so arrogant that sitting there, his eye started staring at PM chair such that he forget his duty of development towards Bihar. Bihar still doesn’t haven’t advanced to appreciation level. Bihar still is trapped in “gundai”. Those problems of Lallu’s time still prevails.
It is a caution for Nitish. He must not take the public for granted. He was trying to compete Modi. He forget that the Gujarat CM is not lion by name but why his work. He is idol of well educated young generation, who doesn’t get influenced just on basis of verbal comments.

Nitish must be proactive and its time for him not to try get hold of PM chair but to prevent loosing his own chair. Because he get this out of his hand, he would have nothing to stand on.

— Apurv Srivastav

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100 million children gets free meals in India

On twitter, Mr. Manmohan boosted about its party’s achievement “100 million children gets free meals in India”. The tweet by the PM was eye raising. I have been in contact with students availing this facility. On query to these students about the “free meals”, I kept myself to silent for a long time just listening to them. It was not a eye opening incident to me as I already alleged it to be so. But they(students) didn’t know that they were lucky to having felt the facility. They didn’t know that many are unaware of the facility which is their right.

The “free meal” scheme though offered these students to have food but it was non-eatable. It had an adverse affect too. In mind of children, the culprit were team who was serving them. The students didn’t know that they were not the only one on responsible side. The management team do not themselves get the quality product to cook. Though they show parsimonious attitude, but it is the middleman who dig the major pit in availing the facility.

These schemes are not to feed poor children, but to feed the middleman who indirectly help the ruling party.

— Apurv Srivastav

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On 2G Scam

Niira Radia briefly spelled out that how Reliance communication tried interfering the spectrum allotment proedure through Swam Communication which had pretended to be independent company. Tata was deprived of spectrum inspite of applying for dual technology spectrum.
As court proceeds with the scam, the more it gets weired. Though every hearing bring with itself something new to tell, something get unfoalded but still the case is unable to find the end gate. Now only new technology eliminating the mobile deivice can bring curtain on the case. It seems that as long as mobile technology exists, the case would keep on crawling. The case as per the way its moving won’t be able to hear final verdict.

–Apurv Srivastav

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